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"Tera Gardner is a wonderful mentor for the universal principles of Nonviolent Communication. She has graciously supported a gathering in her warm, welcoming home for many years. A gifted non-violence communicator, Tera has a sensitive, heart-full manner of support for those people fortunate enough to share her time during those valuable group sessions; for those individuals seeking a better understanding of the values of nonviolent communication, I highly recommend to anyone the experience of Tera's NVC group gatherings." -San Diego NVC Group Participant

I am available for communication  workshops, trainings and classes for private groups, businesses, organizations and other teams worldwide. Group trainings and workshops can last anywhere from one -half day to  three days to several weeks, depending on your personal or organization's needs. Please contact me to learn more about my workshop rates and to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation.

Do you long for mutually supportive, harmonious & respectful  cooperation in all your relationships?

Do you struggle at times with internal habits and reactions that get in the way of the love between you and your loved ones; your partner, children, parents or friends?   Even at the workplace?

Do you have a hard time speaking up & "finding your own voice",  because you just don't know how to say it?  And then, swept under the carpet, it festers, until,  it blows like a volcano? (and we all know that's not pretty!)   

Do you say "YES", when you really mean "NO!" and then become a resentful "Yes, Dear?"

The LOVE 911 Coach  and Help My RelationshipsCommunication Coaching  and Love Addiction            re-patterning can help!


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NVC Training

NVC increases good-will by emphasizing respectful, authentic and compassionate speaking and listening, which builds harmony, trust and a sense of empowerment.

Communication involves two things; speaking (expressing) and listening (hearing)... and both require active, conscious choice, and compassionate participation.

The purpose of communication is, on the simplest level, to exchange ideas or information. On the deepest level, it is to connect with ourselves and others in an authentic, self-responsible, empowering, and heartfelt way.


What is Nonviolent Communication? Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also referred to as Compassionate or Empathic Communication, uses a simple, yet powerful 4-step process for expressing and listening and a philosophy of consciousness that inspires connection, cooperation, and compassion even in the most difficult situations. NVC helps us to connect with one another at the heart level. Using our natural empathy, we can defuse stressful situations and support others who might be feeling angry, fearful, or overwhelmed with any other emotions.

The intention of NVC is to inspire compassion from others and to respond compassionately to others, thereby enabling mutually respectful connection on a needs-based human level. NVC guides us to reframe how we EXPRESS ourselves and how we HEAR others without shaming, blaming, judging, or criticizing. We communicate instead by focusing on the simple, yet powerful 4- steps of the model which are:     observing, feeling, needing, and requesting. 

 NVC will help you model this intention in the ways you speak and listen. 

NVC will teach us ways to speak and express ourselves that will maximize the possibility of everyone being heard, deeply understood and …everyone getting their needs met!

NVC Basics- How to help yourself & others with NVC-Nonviolent Communication aka Empathic or Compassionate Communication:

 In NVC private coaching sessions or group training you will learn:

  • NVC Communication defined
  • NVC-What it ISN’T-Roadblocks to communication.
  • NVC-What it IS?- It’s underlying principles- and  in-depth, interactive and experiential understanding of what Nonviolent Communication IS !!
  • Empathy & Authenticity/Honesty - The Two Foundational Parts of the Process which will help you connect in ways that will support everyone to feel ‘heard’ and everyone getting their needs met.
  • NVC 4-Step Process-Defined-the simple, yet powerful 4-step process of NVC (and its philosophy) for expressing and listening that inspires cooperation and compassion even in the most uncomfortable or difficult of situations!


NVC will help:                                                                                                                        

  • turn around painful situations and relationships
  • let go of blame and grudges towards others and ourselves
  • Find peace by feeling empowered to identify our own needs and the needs of others
  • Make conscious and life-serving choices to get those needs met

"Tera is an accomplished Life Coach lending her wisdom to people, like myself, who are looking forward to positive growth and self-empowered living."  -Harry A., San Diego, CA

NVC: What it IS?  

The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process, also know as emphatic or compassionate communication, is a simple yet powerful four-step communication model that facilitates speaking and listening from the heart. NCV supports speaking and listening to others in a way that inspires self-responsibility, mutual respect, connection and cooperation. The purpose of NVC is to inspire compassion from others and to respond compassionately to others, thereby enabling mutually respectful connection on a needs-based human level. NVC guides us to reframe how we express ourselves and how we hear others without shaming, blaming, judging or criticizing.

 NVC: What it ISN'T?  

Roadblocks to communication:

By practicing the NVC 4-Step process, you will avoid the pitfalls of preaching, warning, blaming, shaming, persuading, diagnosing, interrogating, advising, agreeing, sympathizing, or commanding. These unhelpful responses convey a lack of understanding and may lead others to shut down or blame you.

List of Past and Present Workshop Participants-

San Diego NVC Practice Group, Leader and Facilitator; 1998-present 

Ocean Beach Peoples' Food Co-Op, Periodic NVC Basics Intro. and other NVC based Workshops, 2006-present

SOHA School for Healing Arts, Resident Instructor/Professor in Communications, 2009-2013

Sun Health Medical Center San Diego, 3-5 Week Workshops in coordination with Dr. Suntia Shailam, MD, 2010-2011

OM Spiritual Center San Diego, 2-5 week NVC Workshop, 2010

Star Project (residential facility for probationary woman), 6-hour fre NVC basics training for residents, 2008

Palomar Public School District, San Diego, CA, 4-hour NVC training in-service for 35 teachers/administrators, 2006